What is Gastronomy if not the love of Italian food?

On DAY 5 of our TUSCANY TOUR this July: For those who are interested in GASTRONOMY… we will be booking Cooking Class with Sylvia, a superb chef from the renowned Di Aleghiero Ristorante in Anghiari. We will begin at 9am with coffee and your personal copy of all the printed recipes to bring back home with you. You will then cook with Sylvia — recipes for a 5 course meal, which you will enjoy by 1.30pm. It is intense, but very doable, educational and entertaining! Really not to be missed!

For those who do not wish to cook, we will also have a trip to the Anghiari Museum, the 600 AD church of St. Stephano. In the afternoon we will all enjoy a viewing of the painting, Madonna del Parto by Pierro della Francesca, in the Monterchi Museum in the afternoon.

MadoonaThis restored painting of the Pregnant Madonna is famous not only for its age and the splendid restoration and preservation, but because of the unusual subject matter — a very pregnant Mary. As you know, she is usually holding an infant Jesus. 

We will hold our (optional) Painting Workshop #4, on-location in Anghiari or Monterchi. Our evening could be at leisure with a local concert or moonlight symphony.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates: mytour@artonlocation.ca.

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