Day trip to the Republic of San Marino

On DAY 6 of our TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR this July: 

We will have an early morning start from the medieval village of Anghiari for a day trip to the Republic of San Marino, an enclaved microstate which is surrounded by the Italian
San Marino Italy » TravelPeninsula and northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is a small republic on the slopes of Mount Titano that is surrounded on all sides by the republic of Italy.

After sightseeing, museums and shopping in the medieval hilltop town, we will continue on, to the resort town of Rimini on Adriatic coast for lunch on a beachfront hotel. The best branzino, a silver fish is delicioso!  Also know as European bass, a favourite dish is prepared with basil, ginger and lime juice.  Kids will be able to swim in the ocean while  the adults relax under an umbrella, read or watch the world go by on the beach. 

We will sketch or paint on the beach and enjoy cold firzzante and gelato before driving home before dark.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:

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