Whats With This Weather? Artists Want to Know!

Every Spring for 16 years of teaching, I long for those warm, sunny days of Summer Art Camps, where we learn, chill, chat and have loads of laughs while we paint at the Oakville Harbour. Never  have I longed so much as this year — whats with this weather? Up and down, teasing us with ice storms, rain pellets and then humidity and 27 degrees on May 1st!

My favourite part of teaching the ART-ON-LOCATION Summer Art Camps is that on those hot summer days, its always 3 or 4 degrees cooler at Lake Ontario as we paint lighthouse landscapes, flowers and gardens and many technical Painting Tips and Trix. Art-On-Location is not an arts n crafts course. We teach professional fine art skills in watercolours, acrylics, charcoal, pastels and mixed media, with professional quality materials and instructors. 

Painting outdoors in natural light is called Plein Air Painting. We have two age groups for students, the PicARTso Course for Tweens and Teens is a full day of course and the Little Kandinsky’s Course for 5-10 year olds is half day. We meet in the gazebo at Lakeside Park and have a playground for our Little Kandinsky Group to take their breaks.  and many a teen has been seen skipping a stone out across the lake. Instructors take the students on a “Perspective Walk” to train the eye to see how form and line get smaller as they recede. 

Art on Location

Students also have the option of a Studio Week with Dawn-Angela, August 7-10 at Speckles Art Studio.

Also: The next PA DAY ART WORKSHOP with Dawn-Angela, will focus on design and repetitive patterns in skillful painting with glazes on ceramics on June 1, at Crackpot Studio, 301 Robinson St., Oakville from 9.15 to 12.15pm. 

Register online or email your questions to Dawn-Angela at artist@artonlocation.ca

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