I am Hunting and Gathering!

The Hunter and Gatherer in me has superseded the Artist and Instructor and Traveler in me! Much to my chagrin! With the date (and associated deadlines) of November 11 set for my annual HOME STUDIO SHOW, I am tracking down, selecting and tweeking (not to be confused with tweeting or twerking) all my art work.
As you know I love to travel and paint on-location on our annual Art-On-Location Getaways (especially my favourite – Toscana)! At my Home Studio Show this year I will have quite a variety of art. There will be watercolours, fluid acrylics, oils, a series of mixed media gildings with 22 karat gold & sterling silver, and hand painted photographs.  My subject matter is diverse too: shoes, flowers, still life, landscapes and architecture are the Spice of My Life!
I will be donating 10 % of sale proceeds to the Children of Promise Orphanage in Guyana. So please consider doing your Christmas shopping here. I will also have series of Art Cards and Prints and my daughter is making candles! Competition is good!?
Please contact me if you would like an invitation: artist@artonlocation.ca
Here is a slideshow of a few samples of some of the paintings available. I hope one will bring you pleasure:

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