Artist’s Block?!

Students Invited: Need Help with Unfinished Paintings?

As artists we are sometimes BLOCKED (like writers), we get so far in the story of our once-inspired painting, and then —BOOM! Life happens to us! For whatever reason, stress, homework or workload interruptions, procrastination… we (temporarily) loose our inspiration. Come together in a group and we will positively critique and problem solve and inspire you to go on and finish that work that started with Such Passion!

Finish off those paintings where you got stuck, or add that last 5% of work required to make 100% of the difference! Dawn-Angela will guide you through and also help you to complete your PORTFOLIO for SCHOOL APPLICATIONS.


Different mediums & techniques are taught by DAWN-ANGELA SEELEY. Come to a workshop on March 12 at Crackpot Studio or book a private lesson in a medium of your choice in your home!  Minimum 2 hrs.

Look at some of the works that were recently finished off in a semi-private lesson!

Stained glass paintings by Savannah, Isabella, Emily, Apple and Abby.

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