2 Summer Opportunities, Oakville Art Camps or Tuscany Tour ?

A Few Spots Left



We are all thinking about Spring and its unpredictability, but I am thinking of Summer and 2 things for sure (no, not death and taxes!):

We are excited about all our preparations for our:

1. SUMMER FINE ART CAMP at the OAKVILLE HARBOUR and our annual trip to

2. TUSCANY FAMILY TOUR, which includes VENICE this year.IMG_9512

“What  a job you have!” I often hear. Yes, I do. I plan all the things I love to share with others, with all the people I love, in places I love! I am blessed.

However, there is a lot of planning and personal care that go into all of these events and tours. Because we have a passion for ART, CHILDREN & TRAVEL, we spend the entire year planning and putting every consideration into making these two events as beautiful and memorable as possible, and because I am committed to small groups, we can customise and incorporate some of our guests own requests. For example, we can have a chef come to our country house and prepare a meal for us while we are out sightseeing, or perhaps you enjoy like a day at the villa and pool by yourself and watch the chef prepare a 5 course gastronimic meal?

Pears sq

Antique pears, oil on canvas.

Anghiari-05  IMG_0655





Our Tuscany Tour will be our 18th trip. It is designed for singles and families with a daily sightseeing and excursion itinerary from the Medieval Town of Anghiari in the first week. Including Art workshops, cooking classes and biking are arranged at your request. Our second week is spent in Florence and Venice. So you get to experience country life and city life! June 27- July 10. We have only 2 rooms left, so hurry! Send you application in ASAP!

Our Summer Fine Art Camps at the Oakville Harbour incorporate two classes, for 5-9 year olds and 10 – teens. Starting July 15 (when we get back form our Tuscany tour!), weekly to the end of August. IMG_6341

Have you seen the Oakville Harbour? Its just such a gem! We sketch, draw and paint in the area, which includes the lighthouse, architecture and flower gardens of the Erchless Estate, the Lakeside Park, the wolves and moose sculptures and the boats moored on Sixteen Mile Creek. SOUND IDYLLIC? Wish I had this opportunity when I was a kid!

FullSizeRender 8

FullSizeRender 5

Bandstand, Oakville, watercolour.

IMG_1812 FullSizeRender


We would love to send you more information about our Fine Art Children’s Camps at Oakville Harbour (info@artonlocation.ca). Registration is on-line. Just click  HOME and LESSONS tab.

For our full 2 week itinerary and application for our Tuscany & Venice trip (mytour@artonlocation.ca). All you have to do is request it and I will personally email it to you. And/or

Include ART-ON-LOCATION in your Summer Trails…..

Whether it be the Oakville Harbour or Tuscany/Venice!

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