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About the Artist:


Artist, world traveller, award winner and author. Dawn-Angela is a working artist, living in Ontario, Canada. She is an instructor and tour facilitator. She has taught over 1100 children in her private Summer Art-On-Location,  Art-After-Skool and Tuscany Getaway programs.  She has travelled Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe – organizing Creative Get-Aways to Tuscany, Napa Valley, France and San Miguel, Yorkshire and Ireland, just to name a few destinations!

She’s a role model for young children, teaching them how to paint, how to plan, how to be mindful in their painting. She sets a positive, encouraging, nurturing atmosphere in which students feel safe, learning through structured Dawn-Angelalessons and demos, expressing themselves creatively through their art. She also mentors teenagers in Tuscany on her Creative Get-Aways.

Initially Dawn-Angela chose graphic design as a career, because it was well paid. She knew she didn’t want to be in an office with the same work schedule every day. And while graphic design was creative, she hated the monopolizing role that the computer played in her life. She wanted artist’s tools, paint, brushes and canvas.

After a back injury where she was off work for nearly 2 years, she began to paint and to sell her work. She was happy, she didn’t miss the stress, the deadlines or the corporate world and she decided that regardless of the pay, she was going to try and create a career in art for herself.

Poor Starving Artist

As a “poor starving artist”, she traded her BMW for a van. There were no more suits and high heels for her, instead comfortable clothes and an artist’s palette. For her, a trust in God and a creative outlet through her art were the only two constants in her life.

Today, she has created her dream career, she is teaching children and adults to love art, showing them how to be creative, everyday. She is teaching them to enjoy travelling and to paint with her on the Artist’s Get-Aways. For Dawn-Angela, each day is different, and this was the original goal she set for herself.

Relaxing, Creative, Therapeutic

According to Dawn-Angela, painting is relaxing, it’s creative and therapeutic. It’s an outlet that can help to ground you and recharge your batteries. Art can motivate you toward life changes. Couple this with travel on the CreativeGet-Aways and you’ve got a serene holiday, and a cultural experience that’s productive. Participants bring home meaningful paintings and photographs from the Get-Aways that often constitute what she calls “a safe passage” from one chapter of life to another.


“Painting away from home is different, you’re unplugged from your day to day life, you will experience different artistic breakthroughs as you paint everyday instead of taking an occasional lesson”, says Dawn-Angela. “The artistic momentum gained in 2 weeks is incredible.”

No stress

“Imagine, spending two weeks in the country, 1 1/2 hours from Florence, staying in a 17th century restored country house. Living like the locals, a slower pace of life, Art on Location-books-Pageshopping in markets for fresh food, painting Cyprus treed landscapes and medieval village scenes.
Dawn-Angela and her colleague Giuseppe Dini have co-authored a book entitled “An Adventure in Tuscany incorporating The Legend of Beppino, The Friendly Tuscan Wolf.

Live Life to the Fullest

The book inspires people to travel and live life to the fullest. It is a self-tour guide with sixteen daily excursions, including twenty of Dawn-Angela’s own original paintings of the area. The charming Legend is about the Friendly Tuscan Wolf, which is actually the co-author, Giuseppe Dini’s life story as a boy, in Tuscany. The legend is described in fifteen parables aimed at children of all ages, with an object lesson for each day.

Does this sound like a book you must have or a journey you must take? You can join Dawn-Angela on her next Artist’s Get Away to Tuscany, and possibly meet the Friendly Tuscan Wolf! mytour@artonlocation.ca

Come to Italy, experience the incredibly beautiful medieval village of Anghiari and Tuscany.  Tour the vineyards and the olive groves, learn to cook with an Italian chef, join Giuseppe Dini and Dawn-Angela Seeley and discover Anghiari’s cultural legacy.

Novice or Experienced

You can paint in Tuscany, France, San Miguel de Allende or the Napa Valley. Contact Dawn-Angela : mytour@artonlocation.ca, 416.917.2772.

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