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Day trip to the Republic of San Marino

On DAY 6 of our TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR this July: 

We will have an early morning start from the medieval village of Anghiari for a day trip to the Republic of San Marino, an enclaved microstate which is surrounded by the Italian
San Marino Italy » TravelPeninsula and northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is a small republic on the slopes of Mount Titano that is surrounded on all sides by the republic of Italy.

After sightseeing, museums and shopping in the medieval hilltop town, we will continue on, to the resort town of Rimini on Adriatic coast for lunch on a beachfront hotel. The best branzino, a silver fish is delicioso!  Also know as European bass, a favourite dish is prepared with basil, ginger and lime juice.  Kids will be able to swim in the ocean while  the adults relax under an umbrella, read or watch the world go by on the beach. 

We will sketch or paint on the beach and enjoy cold firzzante and gelato before driving home before dark.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:

What is Gastronomy if not the love of Italian food?

On DAY 5 of our TUSCANY TOUR this July: For those who are interested in GASTRONOMY… we will be booking Cooking Class with Sylvia, a superb chef from the renowned Di Aleghiero Ristorante in Anghiari. We will begin at 9am with coffee and your personal copy of all the printed recipes to bring back home with you. You will then cook with Sylvia — recipes for a 5 course meal, which you will enjoy by 1.30pm. It is intense, but very doable, educational and entertaining! Really not to be missed!

For those who do not wish to cook, we will also have a trip to the Anghiari Museum, the 600 AD church of St. Stephano. In the afternoon we will all enjoy a viewing of the painting, Madonna del Parto by Pierro della Francesca, in the Monterchi Museum in the afternoon.

MadoonaThis restored painting of the Pregnant Madonna is famous not only for its age and the splendid restoration and preservation, but because of the unusual subject matter — a very pregnant Mary. As you know, she is usually holding an infant Jesus. 

We will hold our (optional) Painting Workshop #4, on-location in Anghiari or Monterchi. Our evening could be at leisure with a local concert or moonlight symphony.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:

Family Holiday in Tuscany on your Bucket List?

On DAY 4 of our TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR this July: We will visit the morning market in our medieval village of Anghiari, fresh olives, mushrooms, cheese and meats, fresh fruits and vegetables surrounded by local stores and the bakery, to complete your morning of shopping.  Not a shopper? You can book a historical walking tour of the oldest part of the village, or wander the streets of the Centro Storico (historical centre) by  yourself, admiring architecture from many centuries. On the way back to the country house, we will stop on the panoramic road for photography opportunities of the village rooftops and the bell towers.

Lunch or gelato will be at the Coccomero Bar, and an opportunity to photograph village from the park on Campo Alle Fierra, where  will will also have our next optional painting workshop. Not a painter?  A cooling swim in our moonlit infinity pool at the country house before going back to the village to spend the evening listening to different kinds of music bands and strolling through a Summer Artisans Market, with artists, jewellers, designers and antique dealers. Kids enjoy a magic show, stalls of toys and cotton candy machines.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:

Tuscany. More than Disney!

I spent 6 years on painting trips in Tuscany to paint the 21 paintings included as prints in the tour guide, AN ADVENTURE IN TUSCANYpexels-photo-220455.jpeg
and then a further 3 months planning and researching the day trips and excursions in the guide, with co-author Giuseppe Dini. I found my second home in Italy, where my spirit is happy, I have been back for 16 years taking guests for summer family gatherings, groups and reunions. We have developed a separate itinerary for children, which gives them anAn Adventure in Tuscany Book exciting cultural and creative experience which cannot be matched by Disney — Land or World!
Here is DAY 2 of the TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR | 2108 : We will take a 10 minute scenic drive in our rental cars (no tour buses with restrictive parking and timetables), from our country house in Medieval Anghiari to Sansepolcro, another medieval walled city. Here you can see how they transfer the piazza (main square, not to be confused with Pizza) into a beautiful outdoor market. Select cheeses, olives, vegetables, crusty breads, meat from the butcher and pastries for desert.


Visit one or two museums or an art gallery and then go to the  Co-Op for a grocery shop, followed by a trip to the Soldini Shoe Factory in Anghiari, before heading home on the famous panoramic road, with various stops to take pictures of the medieval Anghiari. You will then return for a cool swim
in the infinity edged pool surrounded by the Appenines. Relax, dinner poolside, evening at leisure, with a moonlit swim.
Much more than Disney!
Contact me for separate
itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:


Ever thought of Tuscany as a Summer Vacation for kids?

Valdigatti Pool

By Dawn-Angela Seeley, Artist, Instructor & Tour Facilitator

So, for those of you who own cottages, and who have known me for many years, you will recall I always said that I would never go back to the same vacation place twice? And yet, once I found my second home in Italy, where my spirit is happy, I have been back for 16 years! So now I get it — why cottagers go back every summer to open the cottage, spring clean, prepare for the summer family gatherings, maintain a second abode and close it up every Fall. You found your place where the landscape is familiar and your spirit is at peace.  Now I get it!

Here is what we will be doing on DAY 1 of our TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR: July 1, at  8am., in the coolness of a Tuscan morning, we will visit a local farmers market & breakfast in the Medieval village of Monterci. An optional Painting Workshop will be held on-location while the non-painters browse the market wares and select fresh local produce to prepare an evening meal. This is what the Italians call “gastronomy“.

Hot? Escape the midday sun and return to our 18th century country house for an afternoon at Vecchia Valdigatti’s infinity-edge pool, surrounded by the Appenine Mountains, enjoying a simple Tuscan picnic. I will teach an optional Great Compositions Workshop for PHOTOGRAPHERS & ARTISTS. Kids will learn how to take a great photograph for their Tuscany portfolio. After dinner, a local church concert in the moonlight. Itinerary? We have itineraries for adults and separate ones for kids to enjoy the cultural experience of a lifetime with local Italian friends. Much more than Pizza & Gelato! Contact me for itineraries:

(Watch for my next blog: Meeting the Friendly Tuscan Wolf! In person!)

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