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Whats With This Weather? Artists Want to Know!

Every Spring for 16 years of teaching, I long for those warm, sunny days of Summer Art Camps, where we learn, chill, chat and have loads of laughs while we paint at the Oakville Harbour. Never  have I longed so much as this year — whats with this weather? Up and down, teasing us with ice storms, rain pellets and then humidity and 27 degrees on May 1st!

My favourite part of teaching the ART-ON-LOCATION Summer Art Camps is that on those hot summer days, its always 3 or 4 degrees cooler at Lake Ontario as we paint lighthouse landscapes, flowers and gardens and many technical Painting Tips and Trix. Art-On-Location is not an arts n crafts course. We teach professional fine art skills in watercolours, acrylics, charcoal, pastels and mixed media, with professional quality materials and instructors. 

Painting outdoors in natural light is called Plein Air Painting. We have two age groups for students, the PicARTso Course for Tweens and Teens is a full day of course and the Little Kandinsky’s Course for 5-10 year olds is half day. We meet in the gazebo at Lakeside Park and have a playground for our Little Kandinsky Group to take their breaks.  and many a teen has been seen skipping a stone out across the lake. Instructors take the students on a “Perspective Walk” to train the eye to see how form and line get smaller as they recede. 

Art on Location

Students also have the option of a Studio Week with Dawn-Angela, August 7-10 at Speckles Art Studio.

Also: The next PA DAY ART WORKSHOP with Dawn-Angela, will focus on design and repetitive patterns in skillful painting with glazes on ceramics on June 1, at Crackpot Studio, 301 Robinson St., Oakville from 9.15 to 12.15pm. 

Register online or email your questions to Dawn-Angela at

My Favourite Table with a View

On DAY 7 of our TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR this July: We will enjoy a day of leisure: After fabulous drives on day trips to Assisi, Florence, San Marino, Rimini Beach on the Adriatic Coast and the Chianti Region…. aaaah, we will enjoy a lazy start, perhaps the market and museums in nearby Sansepolcro? The Museo Civico Sansepolcro is warmly known as Piero’s Museum / Palace of the Resistance, where you can view the paintings of Piero della Francesca.


My personal favourite is the Aboca Museum. A very interesting and unique exhibit of history, medicine, pharmacy and homeopathic medicines, this museum is packed with
rare and interesting objects. Bring your senses to life with the aromas there. Immagine di Rosa Besler Hortus EystettensisSo worth the trip!

Lunch and a siesta, then a 4pm drive to Villa Barbolana.  Dinner will be in the Medieval Village of in Citerna, and the restaurant of choice will be the Belvedere Ristorante, where you can sit outside on a hill top patio and enjoy the breeze or at the magnificent picture windows overlooking the valley below.  This is my favourite table :

img-20170902-wa0037-largejpg.jpg 20170809-210100-largejpg.jpg tiramisu.jpg non-ho-fatto-in-tempo.jpg

Antipasti… Primi… Secondi… Dolci, Going, Going, Gone!

Being Saturday evening, we are sure to catch a local concert in one of the nearby villages.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:

Day trip to the Republic of San Marino

On DAY 6 of our TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR this July: 

We will have an early morning start from the medieval village of Anghiari for a day trip to the Republic of San Marino, an enclaved microstate which is surrounded by the Italian
San Marino Italy » TravelPeninsula and northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is a small republic on the slopes of Mount Titano that is surrounded on all sides by the republic of Italy.

After sightseeing, museums and shopping in the medieval hilltop town, we will continue on, to the resort town of Rimini on Adriatic coast for lunch on a beachfront hotel. The best branzino, a silver fish is delicioso!  Also know as European bass, a favourite dish is prepared with basil, ginger and lime juice.  Kids will be able to swim in the ocean while  the adults relax under an umbrella, read or watch the world go by on the beach. 

We will sketch or paint on the beach and enjoy cold firzzante and gelato before driving home before dark.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:

What is Gastronomy if not the love of Italian food?

On DAY 5 of our TUSCANY TOUR this July: For those who are interested in GASTRONOMY… we will be booking Cooking Class with Sylvia, a superb chef from the renowned Di Aleghiero Ristorante in Anghiari. We will begin at 9am with coffee and your personal copy of all the printed recipes to bring back home with you. You will then cook with Sylvia — recipes for a 5 course meal, which you will enjoy by 1.30pm. It is intense, but very doable, educational and entertaining! Really not to be missed!

For those who do not wish to cook, we will also have a trip to the Anghiari Museum, the 600 AD church of St. Stephano. In the afternoon we will all enjoy a viewing of the painting, Madonna del Parto by Pierro della Francesca, in the Monterchi Museum in the afternoon.

MadoonaThis restored painting of the Pregnant Madonna is famous not only for its age and the splendid restoration and preservation, but because of the unusual subject matter — a very pregnant Mary. As you know, she is usually holding an infant Jesus. 

We will hold our (optional) Painting Workshop #4, on-location in Anghiari or Monterchi. Our evening could be at leisure with a local concert or moonlight symphony.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:

Family Holiday in Tuscany on your Bucket List?

On DAY 4 of our TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR this July: We will visit the morning market in our medieval village of Anghiari, fresh olives, mushrooms, cheese and meats, fresh fruits and vegetables surrounded by local stores and the bakery, to complete your morning of shopping.  Not a shopper? You can book a historical walking tour of the oldest part of the village, or wander the streets of the Centro Storico (historical centre) by  yourself, admiring architecture from many centuries. On the way back to the country house, we will stop on the panoramic road for photography opportunities of the village rooftops and the bell towers.

Lunch or gelato will be at the Coccomero Bar, and an opportunity to photograph village from the park on Campo Alle Fierra, where  will will also have our next optional painting workshop. Not a painter?  A cooling swim in our moonlit infinity pool at the country house before going back to the village to spend the evening listening to different kinds of music bands and strolling through a Summer Artisans Market, with artists, jewellers, designers and antique dealers. Kids enjoy a magic show, stalls of toys and cotton candy machines.

A Cultural family experience! Contact me for separate itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates:

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