Tuscany. More than Disney!

I spent 6 years on painting trips in Tuscany to paint the 21 paintings included as prints in the tour guide, AN ADVENTURE IN TUSCANYpexels-photo-220455.jpeg
and then a further 3 months planning and researching the day trips and excursions in the guide, with co-author Giuseppe Dini. I found my second home in Italy, where my spirit is happy, I have been back for 16 years taking guests for summer family gatherings, groups and reunions. We have developed a separate itinerary for children, which gives them anAn Adventure in Tuscany Book exciting cultural and creative experience which cannot be matched by Disney — Land or World!
Here is DAY 2 of the TUSCANY & VENICE TOUR | 2108 : We will take a 10 minute scenic drive in our rental cars (no tour buses with restrictive parking and timetables), from our country house in Medieval Anghiari to Sansepolcro, another medieval walled city. Here you can see how they transfer the piazza (main square, not to be confused with Pizza) into a beautiful outdoor market. Select cheeses, olives, vegetables, crusty breads, meat from the butcher and pastries for desert.


Visit one or two museums or an art gallery and then go to the  Co-Op for a grocery shop, followed by a trip to the Soldini Shoe Factory in Anghiari, before heading home on the famous panoramic road, with various stops to take pictures of the medieval Anghiari. You will then return for a cool swim
in the infinity edged pool surrounded by the Appenines. Relax, dinner poolside, evening at leisure, with a moonlit swim.
Much more than Disney!
Contact me for separate
itineraries for children and adults, family/group rates: mytour@artonlocation.ca.


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